What We Do for You

You’ve worked hard to secure your investment property and you want someone who really cares about your asset, someone who can maximise rental returns, minimize vacancy periods, protect and maintain your asset, while making the whole process as easy and hassle free as possible.

Doubtless you’ve read and heard a lot of claims and promises made by various Property Management agencies. So we won’t do that, we’ll simply tell you what we do.

We do all the usual things that other agencies do like; advertise vacancies, conduct inspections, process tenancy applications, conduct rental history, TICA and security checks, process rents, organise maintenance etc, etc, etc, you know the rest.

But, in addition to all the ‘usual’ services that other agencies treat as ‘special’ we:

Communicate !!!

– At 4551 Property Group you’ll have one point of contact, David Radcliffe, it’s his business and he takes it seriously (and he answers his own phone – 7 days a week).

Maximise Rental Returns

– Nothing frustrates us more than seeing other agencies listing rental properties at well below market rents. It clearly indicates that they have no understanding of the market that they are operating in. We know our market, if you own a property in the 4551 area talk to David before you commit to another agency for your property management.

Minimize Vacancy Periods

– The other major frustration we experience is seeing rental vacancy signs sitting on properties week after week. This costs the owners (not the agents) hundreds and thousands of dollars. At 4551 Property Group we only get paid when you get paid.
Our agency has an average vacancy period of 2 days between tenancies. (We don’t want to give our secrets away to other agencies, but if you call us we’ll tell you how we do this).

Protect Your Asset

– Youth and inexperience maybe charming (in some situations), but not what you really want in your property manager. David Radcliffe served for over 15 years in the Queensland Police Force prior to establishing 4551 Property Group, and David is totally focused on protecting and growing your assets.

Call David on 0407 780 500 to discuss your property management needs, and if you’d like to transfer your existing property management to 4551 Property Group, you don’t need to wait until your current Agency Agreement ends.

Call David on 0407 780 500 and he will handle the transfer of your property to 4551 Property Group and you won’t even have to speak to your current agent.

Happy Clients

May I say how impressed Jenny and I have been with the efficient service provided by your agency and the personal touch you provide.  We certainly feel that we made the right choice in retaining your services.
Paul & Jenny W